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Financial Grade is a national Field Marketing Organization (FMO) based in San Diego, specializing in Senior Health Insurance. With over 15 years of experience in the Senior Health Insurance industry, Financial Grade Senior Consultants has become a strategic partner with most of the top-rated Senior Health Insurance carriers not just in San Diego, but in the nation. Financial Grade is committed to providing independent agents in the San Diego area with the necessary training, marketing, and tech to sell premier Senior Health Insurance products.

FGSC knows that providing agents with top-of-the-line products is only the beginning. Our team at Financial Grade provides senior health insurance agents in San Diego with the necessary FMO training, marketing opportunities, and innovative technology to best serve their senior clients and have a flourishing agency of their own.

Our expert San Diego-based FMO staff is well-versed in Senior Health Insurance compliance and procedures. Financial Grade’s Quality Assurance team strives to ensure each application submitted is complete, accurate, and within carrier-specific compliance guidelines. We take extra measures to correct any inconsistencies within the application. Allow Financial Grade to be your second pair of eyes and rest assured that your applications will be submitted on time and within carrier compliance.

Financial Grade will support your entrepreneurial spirit and enable you to provide stellar service to your senior clients and increase your own agency’s affluence.

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Financial Grade, as an FMO based in San Diego, has Senior Health Insurance contracting opportunities available with premier carriers.

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