Review, Revise and Revive! Transition from AEP 2021 to OEP 2022 Like a Pro

Don’t lose your momentum as we shift from AEP 2021 to OEP 2022. Take this time to review what worked during AEP and how you can improve in the future.
1 Jan 2022

Review, Revise and Revive! Transition from AEP to OEP Like a Pro

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A broker’s job is never finished. AEP is finally over, but OEP is just starting up! The transition to a new year and new enrollment period can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned agents.

As coverage options continue to grow, you need to keep up with the latest information—while staying organized and learning from your AEP experience. Every year, the average Medicare beneficiary can choose between a wide variety of Advantage Plans. Which means you need to know about these plans too! So don’t let the end of one enrollment season lull you into a false sense of security. Learn how to shake off your AEP fatigue and move seamlessly into OEP with these three steps.

#1. Conduct a post-mortem

Learn from the past to improve the future! Don’t avoid confronting your mistakes or celebrating wins. Take time to review the successes and setbacks you experienced during AEP.

The first step is to gather data. How many leads did you convert? What were your total sales numbers? If you’ve been using AgencyBloc, all your data points are at your fingertips. If you haven’t been, start right now! You need data to determine whether or not your strategies are successful.

Next, focus on what went well. How many new clients did you bring on? Did any new marketing strategies you implemented have a big payoff? You’ve worked hard and should feel proud of your success. Keep what works for you—no need to alter your process just for the sake of change!

Finally, determine what you could have done better. We all have room for improvement, so take a look at what didn’t work out as planned. Was there a task you spent too much time on and could have streamlined? Fail to reach out to as many leads as you could have? 

Many seniors say they don’t seek out new plans because they feel overwhelmed. According to the most recent data, a full 72% say having a Medicare specialist to recommend plans based on their needs would help. Resolve to increase your client list by making contact with those who need help the most.

#2. Use AgencyBloc to clean up and update your records

We know staying organized is key to client relationships and sales numbers. Take advantage of our exclusive discounts and use AgencyBloc to get organized. AgencyBloc lets you automate marketing emails, store individual client data, set reminders for follow-ups and direct new leads straight to your inbox. Implement this during your post-mortem so all your findings will be in one place. 

Input the data while it’s fresh in your head and set reminders for the upcoming OEP. 

#3. Review any changes in CMS policy or procedure for OEP

Don’t be caught unaware! CMS policies change every year, so always confirm you have the latest information before sharing with your senior clients. One positive? Policy changes give you a reason to reach out to your clients! Get in touch, and alert them of any upcoming changes that may affect their coverage in the next year. 

For example, if you have clients who want to switch plans, they’ll want to know about changes to premiums, deductibles and plan requirements. Your job is to ensure they fully understand the pros and cons of their plan.

As we get closer to OEP, take a deep breath, put your data to work for you, and get started! If you have questions about integrating AgencyBloc into your workflow, contact us today for assistance, tips and discounts.


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