How To Boost Client Retention

3 Quick and Easy Tips
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15 Aug 2018

How To Boost Client Retention with 3 Quick and Easy Tips

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It’s almost AEP time, and you’re busy knocking out your certifications. Now’s a good time to boost client retention. After all, It requires a lot of hard work to take a prospective client from warm lead to delighted policy owner…

There’s the couple who loved your product event two years ago. After several interactions, they purchased a policy from you.

But, your personalized email, the one showing how you can help them navigate this year’s AEP, motivated them to upgrade their existing plan. They just needed to hear from you.

You close the deal. Now what?

Every contact, whether warm lead or word-of-mouth promoter, holds the key to your business’ success. So, who will your clients contact for their next upgrade?

They’ll choose you, because you show up at the right time.

How do you stay front-of-mind with your clients?

To retain your existing clients, you need a solid communication system. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t require a huge amount of work. It just has to be organized, targeted and thoughtful.

Here are 3 quick tips to boost client retention

1. Write a thank you note

You have a wonderful new client. And he’s sure to have questions. Nurture this  relationship, by writing him a thank you note.

Send your note within 30 days of the product’s effective date. Thank him for his business, offer to answer his questions, include a brief explanation of your practice and ask him for referrals to friends and family.

2. Send a birthday card

You have all your client data in your CRM. Access that information to send each client a card — a month before their birthday (every year).

This will build client confidence, by showing that you’re thinking of them…and are there for them.

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3. Create an AEP letter

AEP might be foremost on your mind. But that might not be the case for your clients. Create your AEP letter to get them thinking about the enrollment period, and to ensure they receive the best service during the upcoming season.

In your letter, include important dates and any Medicare changes they need to consider or benefits they may qualify for.

Additionally, make sure you segment the letters according to your clients’ needs. For example, you may have a client whose plan won’t change this year. Let her know she doesn’t need to take any action. It will reinforce your role as her agent and reduce the risk of her reaching out to another agent.

Bonus tip

Always (always) include a clear call to action in your written communications. In other words, make it easy for your clients to take the next step (e.g. to call you or make an appointment).

Grow your business with loyal clients

Committing to an insurance plan can feel overwhelming and stressful for your clients. Show them you care — that you’re there to help (regardless of where they are the buyer’s journey). Reach out at the right time with a thoughtful note, and you’ll gain rock-solid loyalty and a fast-growing client base.

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