Build Your Book of Business with This Simple Marketing Tactic

Build your book of business with people you know
6 Dec 2018

Build Your Book of Business with This Simple Marketing Tactic

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You need to build you book of business—and keep building it—to grow your income and agency. Maybe you did well this AEP season, but now it’s a little slow? Are you thinking about increasing your marketing (buying more social media and local newspaper ads)?

Here’s the thing: there’s no need to dump a lot of money into advertising (after all, the results are often disappointing). And you don’t need top-shelf marketing skills to grow your client book.

You simply need to identify and tap into your existing referral sources. Follow this simple, low- to no-cost plan and get valuable leads in your client book.

1. Ask your existing clients for referrals

If this feels bold, keep in mind the value you create for each client—the care you provide by getting to know them, and how you make their life better with the right health insurance plan. By asking them to refer you to friends, coworkers and family members, you’re also helping the people they care about.

2. Connect with business professionals

The business professionals you use probably interact with your target clients. Let your dentist, pharmacist and healthcare provider know about your business, and who your ideal clients are. Ask them to keep you in mind if their customers or patients mention their need for new insurance.

3. Remind family, friends and soccer parents about what you do

Conversational reminders at the next family picnic, lunch with friends or end-of-season pizza party will set you up for a solid stream of referrals. After all, these are the people who know you and care about your success. As you build the conversation, tell them a story about how you helped a friend’s parents reduce their prescription costs. Just keep it casual and not pushy (they’re also important to your social life).

Start to build your book of business NOW

There’s no need for your marketing to feel difficult or overwhelming. Keeping the three referral groups above in mind, brainstorm all the people you know then decide how you will reach out to them for referrals. For example:

  • Start a conversation with parents at your son’s soccer game
  • Tell the pharmacist about your business as you pick up a prescription
  • Send a personalized email to local business owners, introducing yourself
  • Write a note to your existing clients (or give them a call), asking for referrals

You can also create simple rewards to motivate referral sources. That may include sending a Starbucks card and thank you note to the person who sends a new client your way. The main thing is to be creative, focus on the value you bring your clients, and get started—today—reaching out to your referral sources.


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