Network and Learn: Join Our Top Golf Agent Mixer on August 8th!

Join us for the Financial Grade Senior Consultants Agent Mixer at Top Golf on August 8th! This event is a fantastic opportunity for licensed insurance agents to network, learn about Medicare, and connect with industry VIPs. Don't miss out on building your network and enhancing your Medicare knowledge.
Insurance agents networking and smiling at a Financial Grade Senior Consultants event.
8 Jul 2024

Join Us at Top Golf: An Unmissable Networking Event for Licensed Insurance Agents

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Financial Grade Senior Consultants (FGSC) is excited to announce our next Agent Mixer, set to take place on August 8, 2024 at the prestigious Topgolf in Montebello, CA. This event is an excellent opportunity for licensed insurance agents to network, learn, and enjoy a fun afternoon with industry leaders. Whether you’re already involved in Medicare insurance or exploring the possibility, this event is designed to offer valuable insights and connections.

What to Expect at the FGSC Agent Mixer

This mixer is not just about mingling; it’s about building relationships that can significantly enhance your career. You’ll have the chance to interact with top professionals in the Medicare industry, including FGSC CEO Pete Blasi, Elsa Haro Rapp, and Ruby De La Torre from SCAN, plus a guest from Prospect Medical Group. These VIPs bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help you navigate the complexities of Medicare insurance.

Date and Time of Agent Mixer:
August 8, 2024
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

100 Topgolf Drive, Montebello, CA 90640

Event Highlights:

  • Networking Opportunities: Meet and connect with other insurance agents, industry leaders, and potential business partners.
  • Educational Insights: Learn about the latest trends and strategies in Medicare insurance, including valuable Medicare agent training.
  • VIP Interactions: Gain insights from industry experts Pete Blasi, Elsa Haro Rapp, and Ruby De La Torre.
  • Fun and Engagement: Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, non-alcoholic beverages, and a chance to win exciting raffle prizes.

Why Attend?

Build Your Network:
Networking is crucial in the insurance industry. This event provides a platform to meet like-minded professionals, share experiences, and forge valuable connections.

Learn and Grow:
Even if you’re not currently selling Medicare plans, attending this event will provide you with essential information on what it takes to become licensed. Learn about the benefits of integrating Medicare plans into your portfolio and how it can enhance your business.

Referral Program:
If you decide that selling Medicare isn’t for you, Financial Grade Senior Consultants offers a lucrative referral program so you can earn passive income by referring Medicare clients to FGSC. More details on the referral program can be found here.

Exclusive Access to Training:
Participate in specialized Medicare agent training sessions to improve your knowledge and skills. This training is crucial for agents who wish to stay ahead in the competitive Medicare market.

Don’t Miss Out!

This is a unique opportunity to enhance your career, build your network, and have some fun. Whether you’re an experienced Medicare agent or just starting, this event has something valuable to offer. Remember, even if you’re not currently selling Medicare, you can still benefit from our referral program and learn how to expand your services.

Sign up now:
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We look forward to seeing you at Topgolf on August 8th. Let’s hit the links, build connections, and grow together!