Key players of the Financial Grade Team

Meet Your AEP 2019 Financial Grade Team
15 Oct 2018

Meet Your Financial Grade Team

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For the months leading up to AEP 2019, the Financial Grade team speaks with so many of you — our new and existing agents. Typically, it’s a quick phone call or email. If we’re lucky, we get to meet you at a training event.

So, not only do we have hot-off-the-press new head shots of the team, but we’d like to show you who we are and what we do.

Please meet the team:

FinacialGrade Pete Blasi President and CEO

Pete Blasi | President and CEO, Financial Grade

First, a special ‘thank you’ from Pete Blasi, President/CEO:

“Financial Grade’s success is a direct result of the loyalty of our agents, our hardworking & diligent employees and our successful business partnerships!  We’re committed to the continued success of all whom we’re fortunate enough to serve.” — Pete Blasi

Pete believes his greatest success is helping others around him achieve their success.  This philosophy has proven fruitful through the many positive partnerships he has cultivated and retained.

Sheri Business Operations Manager

Sheri F. | Business Operations Manager

Sheri oversees the Financial Grade team and utilizes various strategies to develop efficiencies and focuses on keeping the FG machine running smoothly.

Sabrina J, Compliance & Commissions Supervisor

Sabrina J, | Compliance & Commissions Supervisor

Sabrina focuses primarily on compliance & commissions.

Vanessa F Contracting Specialist Lead

Vanessa F | Contracting Specialist Lead

Vanessa assists new and existing agents and agencies with Financial Grade’s contracting and on-boarding process.

Patty P Quality Assurance Lead

Patty P | Quality Assurance Lead

Patty ensures that agent applications are processed correctly, compliantly, and per carrier standards, prior to submission.

As you head into AEP 2019, we wish you the greatest success. And remember, we’re here to help along the way.

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