Webinar: Introduction to Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement Product

Join Financial Grade on April 11 from 10am - 11am PDT as we welcome Kris Bashford from Physicians Mutual to discuss Physicians Mutual and review their Medicare Supplement Product.
Join Financial Grade Senior Consultants the top FMO for licensed Medicare agents as we invite Physicians Mutual to discuss their Medicare Supplement product.
27 Mar 2024

Optimize Your Medicare Mastery: Exclusive Medicare Agent Training April Webinar from FG

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Discover the Path to Success with Financial Grade’s Medicare Agent Training

In a dynamic healthcare landscape, staying at the forefront of Medicare knowledge is essential. Financial Grade Senior Consultants is committed to empowering Medicare agents through comprehensive training and education. We understand the challenges and opportunities within the Medicare market and strive to provide the tools and insights necessary for agents to excel. Join us on April 11 from 10am – 11am PDT for an exclusive educational Physicians Mutual Product Training webinar designed to enhance your expertise on the carrier and their Medicare Supplement product that can help refine your approach to serving Medicare beneficiaries by empowering you with information on another plan option!

Why Attend April’s Medicare Training Webinar?

Learn more about Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement Product: Arm yourself with the knowledge of why Physicians Mutual presents another strong senior health plan option and a comprehensive plan overview.

Enhance Your Skills: Whether you’re new to the Medicare insurance industry or a seasoned veteran looking to polish your skills, this webinar is packed with valuable insights and strategies on Physicians Mutual products, tailored to boost your professional growth.

Network with Peers: Connect with other Medicare agents and industry professionals. Sharing experiences, strategies, and questions can provide new perspectives and insights into your own practices.

What to Expect from Our Webinar

Our April webinar, led by Financial Grade Senior Consultants seasoned Medicare experts, will cover a range of topics linked to Physicians Mutual and their Medicare Supplement product, crucial for every Medicare agent. Understanding the intricacies of various Medicare plans is critical, and we’ll provide you with the knowledge to confidently guide your clients through their Physicians Mutual Medicare options, ensuring you’re not just an educated agent but a trusted advisor.

Key Topics Include:

  • Why Physicians Mutual?
  • The Physicians Mutual Exclusive 2nd Chance Guarantee
  • How to save your senior clients money – we will review discounts and the innovative Plan G
  • A complete and thorough Plans review

Join Us and Transform Your Approach to Medicare

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your career and become a more effective, knowledgeable Medicare agent. Financial Grade Senior Consultants is dedicated to your success, offering not just this webinar but ongoing support and resources to help you thrive in the Medicare market.

Register Now and Secure Your Spot

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Whether you’re looking to refine your current skills or expand your knowledge with the latest Medicare insights, Financial Grade Senior Consultants is here to support your journey. Join us, and let’s navigate the path to success together.