3 Simple Reasons Why Insurance Agents Need a Website

Insurance agents need a website
27 Feb 2019

3 Simple Reasons Why Insurance Agents Need a Website

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As an insurance agent, you need a website to connect with customers, nurture new leads and grow your business.

These days, doing business without a website is like being the person in the room who doesn’t speak the language; it’s hard to connect and participate.

In fact, insurance agents who don’t have a website are missing out on valuable opportunities.

Here’s the good news: this is simple to fix! Getting a website may seem difficult, but it’s not. There are many companies that offer DIY websites that can be up and running in just hours.

But before you race off to get started, here are some simple reasons why you need a website for your insurance business:

1. Reach more customers (including seniors)

First, let’s start with your target customers: seniors. Guess what? They’re on the web—on their smartphones and tablets.

In fact, the numbers show that the digital gap is closing. For example, as of 2018, the percentage of U.S. seniors who use the internet is as follows:

Age 50-64: 87%

Age 65+: 66%

That’s a whopping amount of online activity to tap into! With even a simple website, you’ll show up where your internet-loving customers are more likely to see you. Additionally, their family members, friends and caretakers are also on the web.

2. Complement your Direct Mail Marketing Efforts

Having your website address printed on your Direct Mail marketing pieces gives your potential customers a way to validate who you are without a phone call. For those who want a little more information, this can go a long way in helping bridge the gap for seniors on the fence about whether to reach out or not.

And your website is “open for business” all the time, even while you’re asleep.. Your website allows customers to read about your services and contact you through email as well as by phone.

Depending on your comfort level with the technology, over time you can add information to your site. That includes alerting website visitors about Medicare deadlines or letting them know about a community event you’re sponsoring.

Once you have a website, you can take advantage of it’s cost effective digital marketing capabilities. Use it to validate your traditional marketing efforts.

3. Get instant credibility

Once you are the proud owner of a website, you add immediate credibility to your business. Leads will perceive you as a switch-on business owner if your business card and email signature include a link to your website.

Why? Because your customers are online. They can research the insurance carriers whose products you sell and get Medicare updates and read health tips at any time. That means your target audience is in control of gathering information and researching topics.

If customers can go to your website to learn about insurance products and Medicare news, you appear professional, credible and memorable.

Show customers you’re open for business

Maybe you’re okay without a website, because you do well cold-calling and connecting with customers via traditional mail. But you’re leaving money on the table.

With a quick search for “How to build your website for free,” you’ll find plenty of links to get you started. Not ready to build your own site? Ask a tech-savvy friend or family member for help or hire someone. The key is to get your website done and show up where your customers hang out.