3 Steps to Post-COVID Client Care

What does back-to-business mean for post-COVID client care?
post-covid client care
1 Jun 2021

3 Steps to Post-COVID Client Care

The reopening of America is here! We’re all looking forward to getting back to those large family gatherings, weddings, packed restaurants, sporting events and even conferences that we’ve been missing. But what does back-to-business mean for post-COVID client care? 

The majority of U.S. seniors are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, so there’s a good chance most of your clients have had their shots. But despite these encouraging signs of recovery, many seniors remain acutely aware of and fear the dangers of COVID.

What does post-COVID client care look like?

As you start thinking about conducting your business in person again, what does this mean for the seniors you serve? Here are some recommended steps before you get back out there.

Step #1: Time for a check-in

Before you jump in and start making appointments, check in with your clients and see who’s comfortable meeting in person. The most efficient way to gather this information is to create an online survey you can email to your clients. Ask if they’re okay with in-person meetings, as well as their preferences for those appointments (if they’re willing to take them). Survey Monkey is an easy-to-use online tool for making surveys.

Provide a few different options so they can choose. Ask if they want to meet outside or inside, in public or private, and even if they prefer to wear a mask. In all cases, we advise you to follow the most recent recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Or skip the online survey, and pick up the phone! Many seniors are still stuck inside and will appreciate hearing from you personally rather than email.

Step #2: (Maybe) ask if they’re vaccinated

The one question you’ll be tempted to ask when canvassing your clients is whether or not they’ve been vaccinated. Vaccine etiquette is new for everyone, so wondering what you should and shouldn’t do is pretty universal right now. The topic of vaccination status is top-of-mind for almost everyone and can be broached respectfully if you’re comfortable. 

You know your clients. If you feel like a conversation about the vaccine will be unproductive, avoid it! But if you aren’t able to ask, proceed as if everyone is unvaccinated—whatever that looks like for you personally. 

If you’re able to have the conversation, follow these tips when asking about the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Don’t ask in the middle of talking about something else. Ask when the topic naturally comes up in conversation.
  • Telling your clients whether or not you’ve been inoculated may break the ice.
  • Watch your tone, and ask in a gentle, non-judgemental way.
  • Soften the question by saying something like, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but…”
  • If you still have concerns about COVID-19, tell them that and explain how knowing their status will ease your mind as well.

Asking whether or not someone is vaccinated might feel intrusive. But after 2020, we’ve learned manners sometimes need to take a backseat to personal safety. So whether you have the conversation or not, bring a mask with you to the appointment. No matter what the current CDC guidelines are, if your clients wear one at the appointment, you should as well. Your consideration for their comfort will help build a great rapport.

Remember, you can’t control anyone else, but you can control who you interact with and how you interact.

Step #3: Prepare for your meeting

Since you haven’t had an in-person presentation in a while, practice before your appointment. Refining your message is more important than ever.

These first meetings back with clients afford you the rare opportunity to make a second first impression. Take advantage of this reset by preparing more than usual, both on your presentation and appearance, to really wow your clients.

Regardless of the uncertainty, be excited to get back out there! If you still need guidance, contact us today to talk about how to safely resume in-person meetings.

image credit: shutterstock/Cat Box