AgentMethods: Launching Websites for Insurance Agents

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websites for insurance agents
1 Dec 2022

AgentMethods: Launching Websites for Insurance Agents

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Medicare insurance agents have enough to deal with. Between complying with ever-changing CMS requirements and making sure your senior clients are happy and protected, there isn’t always time for marketing, development and growth. With all the other tasks you have, building a website for insurance agents to showcase your services is probably the last thing on your mind.

But in today’s digital age, a website isn’t really just nice to haveit’s a necessity. Seniors are internet savvy and want personalized service. Medicare beneficiaries, especially the estimated 10,000 baby boomers that turn 65 each day, expect to be able to access their agent online.

Don’t worry, though. If you’ve been fretting over how to kickstart or revamp your site, we have a solution. AgentMethods is a website marketing platform specializing in helping health insurance agents—specifically Medicare insurance agents. Their state-of-the-art site builder and easy-to-use templates are tailored to your unique needs.

Of course, if you don’t have a website yet, you may not even be familiar with the specialized content you need to maximize your online presence! So, let’s walk through the specific considerations websites for insurance agents need to take into account. 

Websites for insurance agents 

So, how can AgentMethods create websites that specifically meet the needs of Medicare insurance agents? First, they pack your site with content relevant to your agency

When you build your site with AgentMethods, you have access to their library of CMS-compliant blogs, email campaigns, and social media postsall focused on helping you reach more of the seniors you want to work with. You won’t receive that kind of high-level assistance from your average website template provider! 

AgentMethods’ content is updated annually to reflect CMS’s requirements. They also offer promotions and images specific to Medicare, and can provide content for a Turning 65 blog on your website. 

1. Collecting info from prospective Medicare beneficiaries

One of the most important reasons Medicare insurance agents need a website is to connect with seniors. You want your potential clients to have access to the information they need to decide if you’re the right fit for them. But you also want them to get closer to starting a conversation with you!

Get a step ahead in your workflow by setting up a simple form on your website to collect answers to the initial questions you ask your senior leads. Then, when you connect with this potential Medicare beneficiary for the initial appointment, you’ve already personalized your approach for that senior. 

AgentMethods also gives you access to a drag-and-drop quote form builder. With this feature, you can create Request for Information forms to capture insurance leads and queries. 

2. Building a great insurance website 

Every business needs a website with a sleek, clear design, valuable content and easy navigation. Plus, these days your website needs to look just as great on a desktop as it does on a senior’s mobile device. And of course, when seniors or their family members search for Medicare insurance agents in your area, you want to appear first in the search engine results! 

AgentMethods doesn’t just excel at the aspects of web design that are specific to Medicare insurance agents. Information on the crucial basics of building a great website that will impress potential clients, provide the information they need, and ultimately, convert more visitors to leads is available. 

How long before I have a great insurance agent website? 

When you’re building websites for insurance agents, you need strong design and programming skills to present user-friendly content to seniors. But when you work with AgentMethods, you get the same result in a matter of minutes. And you won’t need to learn anything complicated. 

You’ll need to decide on the individual content for your site, but all the design is done for youwith your input, of course! You can focus only on Medicare or personalize your website to include other product lines you sell.

What comes next? 

Ready to create or revamp your website for insurance agents? For questions or to get started, contact today!


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