How to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

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Set up your Facebook Business page: 6 quick tips
20 May 2019

How to Set up Your Facebook Business Page [6 Quick Tips]

A Facebook business page is a powerful marketing tool for building your online presence. If you don’t have one, you’re missing the opportunity to connect with senior clients and grow your book of business.

After all, Facebook is the biggest social media platform with around 190 million U.S. users.

Also, online seniors are using Facebook:

  • 72% aged 50-64
  • 62% aged 65+

Whether you’re an experienced Facebook user or new to the platform, creating a page for your business will allow you to share your expertise with your senior clients.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Separate your business and personal pages

While your business and individual pages share the same Facebook platform, they should remain separate.

Keep your business Facebook page professional with posts your senior clients will find interesting. Moreover, when you share a post, use the same language you’d use face-to-face with a client.

2. Set up shop in minutes

Getting your business page started is simple. Once you’re on the set-up page, you’ll complete required fields such as your page name (i.e., your business name), type of business and your address.

You’ll be prompted to add your headshot and background image. To create consistency, choose pictures that appear elsewhere in your marketing materials (e.g., your business cards, LinkedIn profile, and website).

3. Choose posts your audience will love

Once you ready to start posting, keep in mind that your posts are for your target audience.

To help create the most effective posts, think about your best client, the one you’d like to clone.

As you’re writing about an upcoming wellness event or tips on home safety, write the post as if sharing it just with that person. It will make writing the post easier. Also, it will feel more genuine for the reader and increase engagement.

4. Monitor your competitors’ Facebook activities

As we suggested in our recent post, your competition, including large agencies with bigger marketing budgets, can be a valuable source of inspiration:

  • How often are they posting? Independent agents may post a few times a week, while large agencies with a social media staff may post several times a day.
  • What tone of voice do they use? Pay attention to how they begin a post. Are they using attention-getting words like new, alert and latest? Take notice of the language they use. Does it keep you interested and make you feel welcome?
  • What are they sharing? Are they posting Medicare updates their clients will find useful? Maybe they shared photos from a community event they sponsored? Get ideas and start adding to your post lineup.

5. Define your goals

Like any business marketing, you need to have a plan for managing your business page. What do you want to achieve as far as gaining followers and leads?

In reality, the chances of people flocking to your page after you load your first posts are slim. Social media outreach—showing up and building a following—takes time and consistency.

However, by posting regularly, people will start to recognize you and remember you when they need insurance help.

6. Start posting!

Before you reach out to people about your new Facebook page, stock your page with several posts. This will make it appear professional and give interested visitors a reason to learn more about you.

Additionally, keeping a consistent posting schedule can be a challenge. Create a schedule you can manage over time. You may want to start with a couple of posts a week. It’s a good idea to create an editorial calendar (e.g., in Google or Outlook). This will allow you to line up your posts in advance.

Get started. Keep it simple. Be consistent

Any marketing effort you do for your business takes effort: getting started, making a plan, and sticking to a schedule. Using Facebook as a marketing tool is no exception.

However, it’s free and easy to use. Also, once your page is up and running, it will help you build your client base, by showing prospective clients who you are, the products you sell, and how you can help them get the insurance policy they need.  

If you have any questions about building your Facebook business page, we can help!

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