How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Get Business-Boosting Referrals

LinkedIn profile for referrals
28 Jun 2019

How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Get Business-Boosting Referrals

Your LinkedIn profile is a powerful, easy-to-use marketing tool for building your professional network and getting valuable referrals.

After all, a steady stream of clients is critical for growing your business. However, reaching new leads can be a challenge in today’s fast-moving, digital world.

That includes creating your business Facebook page to reach your senior clients directly and building your digital presence online by launching your insurance agent website.

In this post, we’ll explore LinkedIn and how the business-focused platform can help you build your insurance book of business.

1. Rethinking how you use LinkedIn

If you’ve been using LinkedIn or visiting for the first time in a while, you may notice some changes to the platform. 

When LinkedIn launched officially in 2003, it was a place to hang your shingle (i.e., your résumé) to attract recruiters or find employment.

Seventeen years later, LinkedIn has 250 million monthly active users—professional people looking for ways to improve their work or business. Whether searching for new hires, publishing articles, or participating in groups, it’s the social platform for business networking.

Also, it’s free (however, there are paid options) and it’s easy to use.

2. Get your LinkedIn profile in order

Your updated LinkedIn profile will set you apart as a professional, authoritative agent. 

If your profile still has the default image icon and the standard past work history, it’s time to bring it up to speed for 2019. 

  • Update your photo: Do you have a professional agent photo on your business card? Upload this image to your LinkedIn page. 
  • Write an engaging headline: When people see your profile, does your professional headline make them want to learn more about you?
  • Link to your website: Can people viewing your profile find your website link to explore your services further?

As we’ve suggested in other posts, your competition can be a great source of inspiration. Take the time to see how other agents have set up their LinkedIn profiles (especially ones who post frequently and have 500+ connections). 

Also, an internet search for best LinkedIn profiles will provide tips for setting up a successful page.

3. Create mutually beneficial connections

As an agent selling Medicare Advantage plans, you can use LinkedIn to connect with professionals who may need your services.

That includes physicians. The connections you make with doctors—such as family practitioners and specialists—can be a great benefit to both of you.

The doctor with patients aging into Medicare can refer them to you, knowing their patient is in good hands. And, of course, you benefit by getting new clients!

4. Show connections how you can help

Networking on LinkedIn is about creating meaningful relationships. The more sincere and friendly your interactions, the more authentic and useful your contacts will be.

That includes being helpful (without selling). Your physician connections may appreciate a heads-up on enrollment deadlines or a post about the latest Medicare updates.

Over time, you will build a rapport with your connections, making you an obvious referral choice.

5. Join targeted LinkedIn groups

With a little research, you can find groups on LinkedIn where your target connections might go to look for your services. 

Again, the idea is to provide useful input in groups. That might include starting a discussion or adding to one. Do you see conversations that could benefit from your expertise? Jump in and contribute!

After all, you are an expert in Medicare insurance plans. You could post a question in a group. For example, “What’s the biggest challenge your soon-to-be Medicare patients face?” 

From there, to build your authority, you can publish a blog post on your website that answers the question (in detail) and share a link to the post with the group you think will value the information.

Show up, be helpful, and get referrals

Your LinkedIn connections need useful information to help them do great work. They will value agent thought leaders who understand the world of Medicare and are willing to share their knowledge.

For instance, your new connection, the small practice physician, wants to ensure her elderly patient receives the best care possible. That includes helping her get Medicare coverage that fits her health needs and financial threshold. 

What a bonus for the doctor (and you) is she can say to her patient, “I know a great agent that can help!”


Ready to boost your business with valuable LinkedIn connections? 

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