What’s Important to Seniors When Picking a Medicare Plan: COVID-19 Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot, including seniors’ Medicare preferences. Learn what’s most important to older Americans when they’re picking a Medicare plan.
picking a medicare plan
1 Dec 2020

Picking a Medicare Plan COVID-19 Edition: What’s Important to Seniors

ConnectureDRX has released their Medicare Consumer Survey on picking a Medicare plan for 2019, and to say 2020 has brought unexpected change for seniors is an understatement. Since adults over age 65 are 90 times more likely to die after contracting the virus, many seniors have had to significantly alter their lives to protect themselves.

Nearly every aspect of life in 2020 has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic with few glimmers of hope until the recent success of several vaccine trials. Rather than the expected post-retirement life filled with social activities, travel and entrepreneurship, seniors are experiencing the unfamiliarity of socializing online, fear of the future and, with the recent virus surges across the country, additional quarantine.

Picking a Medicare plan

Despite these challenges, one need is more important than ever—a quality Medicare plan. But, according to the research conducted by Connecture, what’s driving the choices when shopping for and selecting a Medicare plan in the wake of COVID-19 isn’t the same as what it was a year ago.

To serve your clients well, you have to understand what they value. Today we’re looking at what Connecture says matters most to seniors when shopping for healthcare coverage in 2020.

Affordable prescription drug coverage

Prescription drug prices have risen dramatically in recent years. Seniors, despite their best efforts to find a quality prescription drug plan, haven’t been spared. Thirty perdent of Americans are reporting the cost of their regular prescription medication has increased—some by as much as $100. The Connecture survey found that finding an affordable prescription drug plan is now Medicare beneficiaries’ top priority.

To make sure you’re keeping prescription drug costs in mind, use MSIQ’s medicine cabinet tool. Keep it as up-to-date as possible, and you’ll only quote prescription drug plans that will actually help your beneficiaries.

Confidence in their advisor and their plan

Since in-person meetings simply aren’t possible for seniors right now, communicating over the phone or video chat is a must. More than ever before, seniors are spending time alone. And now they’re looking for someone they can rely on to help them find their best fit Medicare plan.

To fill the in-person communication gap, many seniors have broken their Luddite stereotype. They’re learning to engage new technology to interact with others. More than half of Americans over age 65 own a smartphone, and they’re willing to use it!

What’s more, the Connecture survey revealed a lack of trust in Medicare.gov. Few Medicare beneficiaries feel confident when researching their healthcare options on Medicare.gov. That means you, as their agent, need to fill the information gap. And the most efficient way is the MySeniorInsuranceQuotes.com (MSIQ) plan comparison tool.

Your clients rely on you to navigate these and other Medicare challenges. Start using MSIQ today to help you research, quote and enroll. The tools on this platform provide unparalleled precision so you can find the best plan for the best price, every time.


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