Your Easy-to-Use Guide to Getting Started with MSIQ will shorten your sales cycle and increase your bottom line. But we know learning something new isn’t easy!
getting started with msiq
1 Nov 2020

Your Easy-to-Use Guide to Getting Started with MSIQ

Last month, Financial Grade unveiled an exciting new tool for our insurance agents, and now we’re providing your guide to getting started with MSIQ. (MSIQ) is an online sales platform where you can send quotes, add coverage and your clients can self-enroll!

This valuable sales tool is perfect for shortening the sales cycle and growing your business, so taking advantage of MSIQ is an obvious choice. If you haven’t yet checked out MSIQ don’t worry, you still have time to learn about this product and start generating more business.

Using something new, especially in this digital age, can be intimidating. We get it. Fortunately, Financial Grade has a series of training videos to get you up-to-speed easily on MSIQ. 

Don’t have time to watch training videos? Speed them up! On every YouTube video, you can increase the playback speed and learn more quickly. Just open your YouTube “Settings” (the gear icon in the lower right corner of your screen), select “Playback Speed” and choose how fast you’d like the video to play (see below).

If increasing the pace of the video still isn’t your speed, check out our video summaries. Below, we’ve broken down each video and highlighted the most important parts, so all you have to do is read, not watch. (You can access the entire playlist here.)

#1: The Benefits of Guided Help

This video demonstrates how to use the Guided Help feature. Guided Help aids agents by calculating plan cost estimates. You can find Guided Help on the left side of the Plans List screen under Ad Preferences.

Once there, add the beneficiary’s information for the most accurate plan cost estimates. Guided Help will ask you questions based on the type of coverage your client needs. You may skip any question or go back to the Plans List at any point by clicking “Go to Plans.”

You’ll be asked to add personal information, like age and current health status, to the Health page as well as current medications to the Prescriptions page to further tailor Medicare coverage suggestions. Most drugs will automatically pop up after typing in the first two letters of the name of the medication. Be sure to hit “Add” after selecting the drug and click “Continue” when you’re done adding meds. These will all be saved to MSIQ’s Medicine Cabinet which the beneficiary can change at any time.

After the prescriptions are added to the beneficiary’s Medicine Cabinet, you can also select their preferred pharmacy. Area pharmacies will automatically populate based on the client’s zip code. But you have the option to search for and select pharmacies outside of their area, as well.

After completing these pages, Guided Help uses the information to suggest several plans for your beneficiary. From there, you can add any plan to their quote (up to three plans per quote) and email the results to your client. Easy!

#2: Fast. Easy. Secure. Quoting

After you’ve identified the most appropriate plans for your beneficiaries, you can send up to three plans in a single quote for your clients to choose from. When looking at a plan, click the “Add to Quote” button to send it to your beneficiaries for consideration.

All the plans you’ve added to the quote are available on the top header. Once you’ve queued up what you wish to send, click “Send Quote.” The quote will be sent via email to the address listed on the client’s account. You also have the option to add a personal message to the quote which we recommend!

Your clients will receive two emails, one with a secure authorization code and another with the link to the quote. They should click the link to the quotes and copy and paste (or jot down) the authorization code found in the other email to access the quote. When they’ve successfully opened the quote, they’ll see your contact information, review your personal message, check out the plans you’ve sent, shop other plans you sell and even self-enroll.

You’ll receive a confirmation email when the quote has been sent. There will also be a record of the quote on the beneficiary’s profile.

#3: Self-Service Shopping

The shopping link is one of the simplest, yet most impactful components of MISQ. Every agent is issued their own personal shopping link so their client can research, compare and self-enroll in a plan they’ll love, all with minimal effort on your end!

Your shopping link is in the upper right-hand corner under your agent name in the Account Overview. Copy your link and add it to your email signature, social media pages and more to enable beneficiaries to shop and self-enroll all of your plans.

When a beneficiary enrolls through your shopping link, you’re notified via email and get credit for the sale.

#4: Stay Compliant While Teleworking

When you’re looking at a beneficiary’s profile, you’ll see a button called “Continue to SOA.” Click the button to view any SOA’s associated with the profile. Create a new SOA by checking the boxes for the products you’d like to discuss with your clients. The SOA can be easily sent to any client via email or text and a record of the SOA will remain on their account.

When a client receives an SOA by text or email, they’re sent a link that directs their computer or phone’s browser to a page to complete the scope and submit. The scope will include your contact information, the SOA itself and a button to submit. Simple!

You’ll also receive an email once the SOA is finished so you can complete your portion of the scope. After receiving the email, login (if you aren’t already) and hit “Refresh.” Go back into the beneficiary’s profile and click “Complete Form.” Once completed, you can download and save a PDF of the SOA for your records.

#5: Shopping & Enrollment

If you’re looking for Medicare Supplement Plans, navigate to any beneficiary’s profile and click “Continue to Plans.” From there, a page with four tabs across the top will appear, including a tab for Medicare Supplement Plans.

Make sure you’ve answered all relevant questions including birthday, address, tobacco use and more to see accurate quotes for plans available in their area. Don’t forget to include a reason for seeking coverage when applicable. Once all the relevant information has been added, click “Continue to Plans” to see what the beneficiary is eligible for. 

Remember, only those which you are contracted with Financial Grade will be available. And these may be limited, compared to what’s available in our old quoting tool.

From here, you can add the plan to the shopping cart or send the client information about the coverage in a quote. If you apply for the plan yourself, you can send the enrollment information to the beneficiary for review before beginning the enrollment process.

#6: Building a Medicine Cabinet

MSIQ has Blue Button integration so agents can easily pull a beneficiary’s drug claims from To do this, navigate to the Prescriptions window in Preferences and check the box to use Blue Button. Add the beneficiary’s email address and click “Send” to get authorization to access their Blue Button. You’ll have to wait until the beneficiary approves to gain access.

Once approved, you have access to 18 months of the beneficiary’s claims data. This information will be updated and available for you to view in The Medicine Cabinet. You can alter the dosage or quantity, if needed, and manually delete or add medications, too.

#7: Easy Enrolling

Once you’ve identified the most appropriate plan for your client, they can enroll in the plan via text or email. To initiate this process, go to the beneficiary’s profile and select the plan in which they want to enroll. Click “Add to Cart” and navigate to the bottom of the screen. Click “Send to beneficiary to sign and submit” followed by “Continue to Apply.”

You’ll be redirected to the carrier’s electronic enrollment form. Here you can answer the relevant questions and add needed information before sending to your client. You’ll end on a page called “Review and Submit.” Check all the information before sending it to the beneficiary for final review and enrollment. If everything is correct, click “Send to Beneficiary.”

Then, a window will open to confirm the beneficiary’s email and phone number before submitting. Click “Send the Application.” Two emails are sent to the beneficiary, just as described in the Quoting summary and video. After accessing the enrollment, beneficiaries are automatically directed to the review and submit page.

During the review and submit process, clients can confirm all the information you’ve added, view legal declarations and more. If everything looks good, they can digitally sign and submit the application.

You’ll receive an email notifying you the beneficiary has enrolled in a plan when the application is submitted. Their profile will also update with their application and plan information.

Taking the time to understand and use MSIQ is well worth the effort! Contact or today if you have any questions on how to get started or need help using MSIQ.


image credit: shutterstock/fizkes