How Shortens Your Sales Cycle

Do you need to improve your quoting and enrollment process? Financial Grade has a tool for you. Learn more about
1 Sep 2020

How Shortens Your Sales Cycle

Selling insurance is a tough business, no matter your market or product. Whether you’re selling life insurance to out-of-touch millennials or to Medicare to retirees who don’t own a computer, your job is challenging. With that in mind, Financial Grade is offering a new quoting and enrollment tool called

This SaaS (Service as a Software) connects brokers, consumers and carriers with unique and innovative technologies to make selling Medicare simpler. Insurance sales don’t have to be difficult! There are tools to help you with lead acquisition, marketing, customer relationship management and more.

Here’s how can help your business.

Simplifying the quoting and enrollment process

Every solid lead needs a quote. And when you’re creating quotes, you want the information you’re communicating to be accurate and easy to understand. The same goes for enrollment. When you have a potential new client, the last thing you want is hold up your sale by presenting a clunky enrollment process. makes both quoting and enrolling much simpler with a 100% digital experience.

Enroll clients immediately with the carriers you’re contracted with through Financial Grade. is a vast improvement over previous tools and has the power to not only enhance your business process, but also grow your bottom line.

Shortening your sales cycle with

As cliché as this sounds, the adage is true: time is money! The faster you quote and enroll, the more customers you serve. And the more customers you can serve, the more business you can take on, right?

With streamlined tools designed to make sure you’re compliant with Medicare guidelines and to identify the best plan for your customers, you’ll be sending out quotes faster than ever before. And when you connect your client with their best-fit Medicare plan,’s easy and secure online enrollment will make sure you complete the sales cycle with no problems.

Increasing your exposure

Another great benefit to using is the option to create your own client-facing enrollment site. You’ll have the power to drive traffic to your site. You’ll be increasing your exposure, generating more leads and, in the end, getting credit for the sale. 

Providing contact-free services

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an issue for most of us, protecting our seniors should be a priority. Offering older Americans insurance services without meeting in person is a great way to assure them they’re getting personalized service without endangering their health.

Using, you’ll work with your clients remotely as you quote and enroll Medicare beneficiaries. Everything from the first quote to the end of enrollment can be completed digitally. Neither you nor your client ever has to leave the comfort of home to initiate a policy.

Get started with now!

To use to enroll your clients this AEP, make sure you’re contracted with Financial Grade. Call us at 619.595.0937 to get contracted today!

To learn more about what has to offer, Financial Grade is hosting a digital training session on October 6th at 11:00 a.m.

Experience how quickly and easily you can close your sales cycle! You’ll want to switch all your contracts to Financial Grade. Click here to learn more about how we can transform your Medicare business.


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